Thursday, December 21, 2006

almost puked on the rollercoaster

It was in 2002 when I first set foot on Enchanted Kingdom and my had it made a horrific tale to tell. Actually it was a report on steel design (4th year steel design 1) that made us the do the trip and guess what we’ve chosen?? รจ ROLLERCOASTERS. So where can we find these jumbo thang but on EK. Well, meron din sa StarCity but the one in EK was more.. I say... awesome. So there. To make the report more convincing is to have a taste of the model itself. I have never ridden one before so how should I feel aside from being nervous?

The machine was chugging the train upward and I have never been nakedly high as before. At my right was a field of greens. The sky was bright and I was in muted bliss for a while until we were released.

I instinctively closed my eyes and bowed my head thinking that the nightmare would be over the next time I opened my eyes. It was the most terror-filled 20 seconds of my life. Looked cool after. BUT HELL DIZZY!

I quickly bought a tall ice cream to somehow defuse my bamboozled head. I feel nauseous and sick then I throw up. Yuck no? hehhehe. I was like a big mouthed hose of pressurized cold vomit. Good thing I didn’t puked on anyone (or worst puked during the ride.. hahhaha). After that yucky scene, I spent the rest of the afternoon inside the clinic.
After 4 years, I had a an on and on recollection of that puking memory. Why? Last Saturday, moi and adan lee made EK. My second time there but my first time to meet his close friends. Some of them had been there and some were first timers. OF course, the dare to ride the space shuttle is there. Monster space shuttle. By the way, we were 10 all in all (5 pairs) one pair didn’t come with us. I was physically walking to the booth and my head was shrinking in panic. Honey told me not to ride if I really can’t take it. But if I won’t, sya lang ang walang kasama. I hoped and prayed that the ride would time out but to my dismay, we were doing our seatbelts after a bout of 20-30minutes.
Knees shaking. Cold sweat. I wasn’t looking down..

Everybody was hollering. I was just looking at the same side where I was years ago. This time it was different. It was a lively evening and the ground was a haze of wild lights. The man beside me was a familiar face. He wasn’t screaming. But he was uttering words. He said “I love you honey” and he was looking at me. Between the sensation of anxiety and joy, I stopped. And responded in calm emotion. It was a moment to remember. Then. I went back to reality in seconds. I still wasn’t looking down and was already screaming for dear life. I conditioned that any moment now; I will feel my heart numb and catch my breath so hard. The same fright I had before.

After gathering in the ground with the rest of the gang, I looked up the rollercoaster, Still dizzy sans the puking. I told myself will ever ride the thing again? I said NO. But if my man is there beside me and hear those words in such an enchanting moment…… I would ride that monster machine- over and over again.

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