Tuesday, July 03, 2007

a painful truth about boys

So Mr. futsal and I had a long chat during an uber boring time in the office.. until this part of the chat.

Mr. Futsal- musta ba
Gemini Girl - anong aspeto ng buhay?
Gemini Girl - nakita kita
Gemini Girl - may kaakbay kang girl
Gemini Girl - last last week ata
Gemini Girl - hihihihih
Mr. Futsal- op kors girl yun.
Mr. Futsal- hehehe. dont worry di lang ikaw nakakita. hehe
Gemini Girl - i know
Gemini Girl - it's out in the open
Mr. Futsal- anong aspeto ba gusto mo tanong ko?
Gemini Girl - kaw bhala
Mr. Futsal- sex life?
Mr. Futsal- hehe joke. love life lang
Gemini Girl - hahaa
Gemini Girl - sexlife - uhmmmm matagal na ang...._____
Gemini Girl - wahahha
Gemini Girl - lovelife.... patay
Mr. Futsal- patay? namatay boypren mo?
Mr. Futsal- bakit anong ginawa mo?!?
Gemini Girl - namatay sa....!!
Gemini Girl - wahahahhahha
Gemini Girl - d nki-break ako
Mr. Futsal- namatay sa sarap
Mr. Futsal- haha
Gemini Girl - wahahah
Mr. Futsal- ah nagbreak na kayo?
Gemini Girl - yeah
Mr. Futsal- y naman?
Mr. Futsal- wen pa?
Gemini Girl - dec
Mr. Futsal- may iask why or personal ba masyado?
Gemini Girl - but im fine
Gemini Girl - totally fine
Mr. Futsal- wushu
Gemini Girl - d nga...
Gemini Girl - eh...
Mr. Futsal- tapos iiyak iyak paguwi. hehe
Gemini Girl - cgro sa isip ko sya nawalan
Gemini Girl - hindi ako
Gemini Girl - i really gave my best u know
Mr. Futsal- ah. then there should be no regrets if thats the case
Mr. Futsal- eh di nagwork out e.
Gemini Girl - yeah i know
Gemini Girl - actually he was coming back
Mr. Futsal- kaw nakipagbreak right?
Gemini Girl - yeah
Gemini Girl - pero.. there was another person already
Gemini Girl - pero wlang quality
Gemini Girl - and he left for bahrain...
Mr. Futsal- sino may other person?
Mr. Futsal- as in nagkasabay?
Gemini Girl - d naman
Gemini Girl - ay .. sumabay sakanyang pagbabalik
Mr. Futsal- ahhh. long distance rel ba kayo nun?
Gemini Girl - angmangyayri.. pero wla naman rpob dun...
Gemini Girl - wla lang kalidad tlga
Gemini Girl - and i met smbdy else
Gemini Girl - hahahhaa
Mr. Futsal- guluhan ako =(
Mr. Futsal- isa isa lang. sumabay sa pagbabalik, sino sumabay kanino and pagbabalik from where?
Gemini Girl - wahahahhaa
Gemini Girl - un dec bf nagbabalik
Gemini Girl - pero hindi nko um-oo
Gemini Girl - bec i met smbdy else
Gemini Girl - who left for bahrain
Mr. Futsal- ahhhhh. so yung current bf mo ngayon is in bahrain
Mr. Futsal- long distance kayo bale
Gemini Girl - long distance mangyayri
Gemini Girl - after a month.. i called wuits
Gemini Girl - quits
Gemini Girl - yabang ko no?
Gemini Girl - wla namn prob sa long dist
Gemini Girl - wla lang quality
Mr. Futsal- you called quits? to whom? =)
Gemini Girl - bahrain guy
Mr. Futsal- why? di ko gets
Gemini Girl - wlang kallidad
Mr. Futsal- the bahrain guy?
Mr. Futsal- bakit liit?
Gemini Girl - hinde ah
Gemini Girl - ewan.. sa guapo nyang un....
Mr. Futsal- eh bakit mo naman nasabi?
Mr. Futsal- di magaling?
Gemini Girl - wlang quality
Gemini Girl - and hindi sya tumwag nung bday ko
Mr. Futsal- that sucks man
Gemini Girl - i know
Mr. Futsal- kayo pa rin ba?
Gemini Girl - hinde nah
Gemini Girl - i did it after my bday
Gemini Girl - pero un ang bale point....
Gemini Girl - to make my decison.. aother from his slacking off
Gemini Girl - besides pra syang bata
Mr. Futsal- its nice to be parang bata on some occasions but not all the time
Mr. Futsal- pangit din kasi for us guys yung masyadong grown up na yung girl na no time for play =)(
Gemini Girl - sus ako pah
Gemini Girl - hindi lang meant
Mr. Futsal- what do you mean ikaw pa?
Mr. Futsal- =)
Gemini Girl - im low maintenance
Gemini Girl - i give freedom
Gemini Girl - no prob with fun...
Gemini Girl - sex
Gemini Girl - conversation...
Gemini Girl - flexible
Gemini Girl - i mean....
Gemini Girl - ewan..
Gemini Girl - he just slacked off
Gemini Girl - un lang
Mr. Futsal- i like that, flexible
Mr. Futsal- anyway, ok lang yun. if he’s not taking care of you na e
Gemini Girl - yeah
Gemini Girl - eh ikaw
Gemini Girl - happy naman??
Mr. Futsal- op kors =)
Mr. Futsal- happy happy =)
Mr. Futsal- observation lang, depende talaga sa guy on how the relationship goes
Mr. Futsal- pansin ko we guys rarely change. you girls change depende sa boypren
Gemini Girl - hinde ah
Gemini Girl - sa lahat ng heartbroken stories
Gemini Girl - girls ang hindi nagbabago
Gemini Girl - anong change ba ang na-observe mo?
Mr. Futsal- kunyari if i am going to be an a-hole to a girl, she would be an a-hole as well, even if shes a nice person
Mr. Futsal- if i were to be nice to very bad girl, she would be nice
Mr. Futsal- its different yung girl to boy. even if the girl is nice and the guy is really an a-hole, he remains an a-hole
Mr. Futsal- just an observation
Gemini Girl - wel... generally.. girls changes her mind
Mr. Futsal- ah. amen!
Mr. Futsal- its a different story naman. youre talking about mood swings
Gemini Girl - ahh yeah
Gemini Girl - girls are nice naman noh generally
Gemini Girl - bihira lang ang a-hole na girls
Gemini Girl - in fact i dnt think they exists....
Gemini Girl - even pokpok girls.. can be real sweethearts
Mr. Futsal- hmm. i guess. but i have no experience first hand on such girls but some of my friends tell me stuff
Mr. Futsal- well i believe the exist. if guys can be that way, why cant girls. hehe
Mr. Futsal- *they
Gemini Girl - i dnt know..
Gemini Girl - i dont generally look at people tat way..
Gemini Girl - whatever/whoever crosses my path.. i'll accept them at face value
Gemini Girl - if ur rude.. so am i...
Gemini Girl - but things change din noh..
Gemini Girl - we must still see through the person...
Mr. Futsal- well i know girls na pineperahan lang mga boypren nila. hehe
Mr. Futsal- and the guy is nice ha
Gemini Girl - omg
Mr. Futsal- sabi nman ng girls, e pumapayag naman yung guy e
Gemini Girl - omg
Gemini Girl - panong pinepreahan??
Mr. Futsal- that was back in college e. free lunch, free pamasahe
Mr. Futsal- stuff like that
Gemini Girl - omg
Gemini Girl - bka sobrah pretty ang girl.. na poor
Gemini Girl - hehehe
Mr. Futsal- hmm. i guess. pero naging gelpren ko yung isa sa mga kilala ko na yun e
Mr. Futsal- e kurips ako, hehe ok lang. we had a gud rel naman.
Mr. Futsal- girls really change depende sa boypren
Gemini Girl - people change
Gemini Girl - but not girls
Gemini Girl - not just girls
Gemini Girl - kase lamo tol
Gemini Girl - girls take the boys back
Gemini Girl - boys hinde
Gemini Girl - they dont change
Gemini Girl - they change bec they have to.. maybe
Gemini Girl - when the bf is salcking of
Mr. Futsal- oh cmon. its just the type of guy he is. hes great at first until he gets to your pants and then he slacks off
Mr. Futsal- kahit gano ka-ok na babae yun he'll just be the same
Mr. Futsal- wait ang sinasabi ko girls change dpende sa boypren ha
Mr. Futsal- im saying generally, but of course were talking about people here. its not pure science. so there are going to be some exceptions to the rule for some
Gemini Girl - he'll just be the same na...??
Gemini Girl - bsta tol i dnt agree on that
Mr. Futsal- he'll just be the same na ok sa una and then slacks off
Gemini Girl - guys change kaya
Mr. Futsal- we're not on the same page
Mr. Futsal- yes i know guys change.
Mr. Futsal- iba yung change na sinasabi mo
Mr. Futsal- omg hrap iexplain sa st
Gemini Girl - cge cge
Gemini Girl - what kind of bf naman kya un?
Mr. Futsal- kung ok yung bf, nagiging ok din sila. kung di ok, nagiging di rin sila ok
Gemini Girl - naku
Gemini Girl - shu-shunga shunga pa nga un babae noh kahit harap harapan na pgka a-hole ng boy
Mr. Futsal- im talking about girls here above 20, not teenagers. hehe
Gemini Girl - im not sure
Gemini Girl - the girls you u and ur friends met must be intelligent
Mr. Futsal- mga kilala kong girls na ganun is first bf nila or dun nila nawala virginity nila kaya sila shushunga shunga
Gemini Girl - ok...
Gemini Girl - i think, it's just right and corrct for the girl to change.. kapag nagbago ang guy
Gemini Girl - hindi ba't ganun dpat?
Gemini Girl - kase kung ako.. when i broke up with dec bf... i did a lot of things to slavage.. change for the better....
Gemini Girl - pour the loving and understanding i give,...
Gemini Girl - he's not my first and dfinitely not highschool
Mr. Futsal- thats the thing. you just said it
Mr. Futsal- kasi we guys dont change!
Mr. Futsal- even if mag bago ka pa and maging ok ka, di kami magbabago
Gemini Girl - hello
Gemini Girl - nagbago kya sya
Gemini Girl - kaya nga bumabalik
Mr. Futsal- yeah give him 1 month
Gemini Girl - why ot change for the nette
Mr. Futsal- babalik din sa original nyang ugali yun
Gemini Girl - oh no tol
Gemini Girl - more than a month nga un noh
Gemini Girl - jusko
Mr. Futsal- nagbago sya kasi hes in love again
Mr. Futsal- but thats just the effect of love. its not who he really is
Gemini Girl - then the same goes with girls
Gemini Girl - it's just what love can make us do
Gemini Girl - but thats not who we are// maybe
Gemini Girl - sort of
Gemini Girl - hahhaha
Mr. Futsal- well, maybe youre a part of the exceptions to the rule i mentioned earlier
Mr. Futsal- all of the people i know agree with me. even girls
Gemini Girl - hell no
Mr. Futsal- the tell me depende sa lalaki yun kung magiging ok sila
Mr. Futsal- *they
Gemini Girl - i always talk abt love with girls
Gemini Girl - tlga....
Mr. Futsal- sige ill ask you questions
Mr. Futsal- the whole time ba sa rel mo you could say na you were a good gf?
Mr. Futsal- as in the loving, caring, etc...?
Gemini Girl - with dec bf.... oo
Gemini Girl - until i dated smbdy else habag kame pah...
Gemini Girl - bec... i think... it's alreday going down the hill
Gemini Girl - tingin ko guys gnun dn
Mr. Futsal- teka teka
Mr. Futsal- isa isa lang
Gemini Girl - and hidi lang ganun.. they date girls khit active and "loving" ang rel nila with current
Mr. Futsal- yung bf mo, was he a good bf? loving caring, loyal din etc?
Gemini Girl - he was
Gemini Girl - loyal.. caring
Mr. Futsal- d whole time?
Mr. Futsal- from start to end?
Gemini Girl - yes i think so... but thats bec im like that also...
Gemini Girl - pero hindi namn pla nya ako mahal tlga
Mr. Futsal- bakit mo nasabi? kala ko he was loving?
Gemini Girl - long story tol eh
Gemini Girl - bec thats what i thought
Mr. Futsal- o sige when did he change. or when did he stop loving you. tancha mo lang
Gemini Girl - he ddnt love me nga eh
Mr. Futsal- dont worry may point tong mga questions ko. marerealize mo babae nagbabago
Mr. Futsal- tingin mo nga kelan
Mr. Futsal- october?
Gemini Girl - 15mos kame
Mr. Futsal- november? when did you feel the coldness?
Gemini Girl - 3month
Mr. Futsal- so mga september. tama ba?
Gemini Girl - sucks noh?
Gemini Girl - shet
Gemini Girl - yeah
Mr. Futsal- hold on. so kelan ka nagdate ng iba?
Gemini Girl - july.. pero bday kase un....
Gemini Girl - pero friends lang
Mr. Futsal- not friends. yung may something
Mr. Futsal- dating is not done by friends
Gemini Girl - sept
Mr. Futsal- o see!!!!
Mr. Futsal- bullseye
Gemini Girl - but like what i say tol...
Mr. Futsal- teka ano nauna, coldness ng boypren mo or nagdate ka ng iba?
Gemini Girl - it is correct that girls souuld change when the boy is a-hole
Gemini Girl - i should have dump him so earlier
Gemini Girl - i gae him a lot of chance
Gemini Girl - haaaay jusme..... i tell u okay lang un
Mr. Futsal- theres no right or wrong, correct or incorrect sa isang rel.theres always two sides of the story. its just the way it is
Mr. Futsal- girls generally change depende sa guy
Mr. Futsal- but kami, kahit ok kayo, kapag din namin feel. talagang wala
Mr. Futsal- *di
Gemini Girl - ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Gemini Girl - f**kng shet
Mr. Futsal- o naniniwala ka na sa kin?
Gemini Girl - u mean.. the emotions of girls.. escalate
Gemini Girl - from nothing to meron
Gemini Girl - from meron to wla
Gemini Girl - what is "wala"?
Mr. Futsal- wala na kami tlagang magagawa. kahit na ano pa gawin mo. gnun na tlaga kami
Mr. Futsal- yung mga sinasabi mong nagbabago yung lalaki, yung sa una ok tapos magsslack off, it just shows na pinapakita na namin yung tunay naming ugali sa yo
Gemini Girl - ano nga ang wla... ? Walang 1. gusto 2. love 3. like 4. crush
Mr. Futsal- yun yung totoo. hindi yung simula ng rel. cloud9 stuff lang yun!
Mr. Futsal- talagang wala na kaming magagawa.
Gemini Girl - anong nga un wla???
Gemini Girl - magagawa na ano??
Gemini Girl - i want to read/hear it
Mr. Futsal- wala - magagawa
Mr. Futsal- di namin gawain yung magbago for you girls
Mr. Futsal- none of the above
Gemini Girl - magbago... kahit mahal mo?
Mr. Futsal- yes kahit mahal namin
Gemini Girl - omg...
Mr. Futsal- its true
Gemini Girl - i see
Gemini Girl - wo whatever u put into the relationship depends on how u are born and raised?
Mr. Futsal- ako generally kurips ako. i like saving money. yung ex ko minahal ko sya sobra
Mr. Futsal- pero she demanded na ispend ko yung savings ko on dates sa mamahaling restos and stuff. gusto ko man gawin, i cant go against my true nature
Mr. Futsal- ganun yun!
Gemini Girl - does that mean.. that if guys requested smthing sa girls... we'd do it?
Mr. Futsal- hmm. it depends
Mr. Futsal- for example gusto nung guy maging loyal yung girl. kung loyal yung guy definitely ok lang
Mr. Futsal- thats what im saying. nakadepende ugali ng girl sa ugali ng guy
Gemini Girl - i think the rule there is... girls will change for the betterment of the rel
Gemini Girl - we still have our true natures
Mr. Futsal- i have a better one
Gemini Girl - we salvage our rel... hanggat may hope
Gemini Girl - but of it's hopeless.. then let it down the drain
Mr. Futsal- girls should wait and see the true nature of a guy before sleeping or getting serious with him. coz we guys CANNOT change. we could change, but only for a while. =)
Mr. Futsal- uy tulog lang ako. kung gusto mo continue na lang natin later Ü
Mr. Futsal- ge po
Gemini Girl - pwede ko bang ilagay sa status ko yan?
Gemini Girl - psst
Mr. Futsal- alin?
Gemini Girl - Mr. Futsal- girls should wait and see the true nature of a guy before sleeping or getting serious with him. coz we guys CANNOT change. we could change, but only for a while. =)

Mr. Futsal- huy wag
Gemini Girl - cge
Gemini Girl - thanks
Mr. Futsal- tanggalin mo pangalan ko and sleeping with someone
Gemini Girl - hehee
Gemini Girl - cge cge
Gemini Girl - shet
Gemini Girl - shet kayo
Mr. Futsal- i know guys would not agree with me in front of you girls coz its minus points
Mr. Futsal- but im sure deep down inside of them, they get my point
Gemini Girl - thanks tol for this truth
Mr. Futsal- no prob. anytime Ü

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