Tuesday, July 03, 2007

a painful truth about boys

So Mr. futsal and I had a long chat during an uber boring time in the office.. until this part of the chat.

Mr. Futsal- musta ba
Gemini Girl - anong aspeto ng buhay?
Gemini Girl - nakita kita
Gemini Girl - may kaakbay kang girl
Gemini Girl - last last week ata
Gemini Girl - hihihihih
Mr. Futsal- op kors girl yun.
Mr. Futsal- hehehe. dont worry di lang ikaw nakakita. hehe
Gemini Girl - i know
Gemini Girl - it's out in the open
Mr. Futsal- anong aspeto ba gusto mo tanong ko?
Gemini Girl - kaw bhala
Mr. Futsal- sex life?
Mr. Futsal- hehe joke. love life lang
Gemini Girl - hahaa
Gemini Girl - sexlife - uhmmmm matagal na ang...._____
Gemini Girl - wahahha
Gemini Girl - lovelife.... patay
Mr. Futsal- patay? namatay boypren mo?
Mr. Futsal- bakit anong ginawa mo?!?
Gemini Girl - namatay sa....!!
Gemini Girl - wahahahhahha
Gemini Girl - d nki-break ako
Mr. Futsal- namatay sa sarap
Mr. Futsal- haha
Gemini Girl - wahahah
Mr. Futsal- ah nagbreak na kayo?
Gemini Girl - yeah
Mr. Futsal- y naman?
Mr. Futsal- wen pa?
Gemini Girl - dec
Mr. Futsal- may iask why or personal ba masyado?
Gemini Girl - but im fine
Gemini Girl - totally fine
Mr. Futsal- wushu
Gemini Girl - d nga...
Gemini Girl - eh...
Mr. Futsal- tapos iiyak iyak paguwi. hehe
Gemini Girl - cgro sa isip ko sya nawalan
Gemini Girl - hindi ako
Gemini Girl - i really gave my best u know
Mr. Futsal- ah. then there should be no regrets if thats the case
Mr. Futsal- eh di nagwork out e.
Gemini Girl - yeah i know
Gemini Girl - actually he was coming back
Mr. Futsal- kaw nakipagbreak right?
Gemini Girl - yeah
Gemini Girl - pero.. there was another person already
Gemini Girl - pero wlang quality
Gemini Girl - and he left for bahrain...
Mr. Futsal- sino may other person?
Mr. Futsal- as in nagkasabay?
Gemini Girl - d naman
Gemini Girl - ay .. sumabay sakanyang pagbabalik
Mr. Futsal- ahhh. long distance rel ba kayo nun?
Gemini Girl - angmangyayri.. pero wla naman rpob dun...
Gemini Girl - wla lang kalidad tlga
Gemini Girl - and i met smbdy else
Gemini Girl - hahahhaa
Mr. Futsal- guluhan ako =(
Mr. Futsal- isa isa lang. sumabay sa pagbabalik, sino sumabay kanino and pagbabalik from where?
Gemini Girl - wahahahhaa
Gemini Girl - un dec bf nagbabalik
Gemini Girl - pero hindi nko um-oo
Gemini Girl - bec i met smbdy else
Gemini Girl - who left for bahrain
Mr. Futsal- ahhhhh. so yung current bf mo ngayon is in bahrain
Mr. Futsal- long distance kayo bale
Gemini Girl - long distance mangyayri
Gemini Girl - after a month.. i called wuits
Gemini Girl - quits
Gemini Girl - yabang ko no?
Gemini Girl - wla namn prob sa long dist
Gemini Girl - wla lang quality
Mr. Futsal- you called quits? to whom? =)
Gemini Girl - bahrain guy
Mr. Futsal- why? di ko gets
Gemini Girl - wlang kallidad
Mr. Futsal- the bahrain guy?
Mr. Futsal- bakit liit?
Gemini Girl - hinde ah
Gemini Girl - ewan.. sa guapo nyang un....
Mr. Futsal- eh bakit mo naman nasabi?
Mr. Futsal- di magaling?
Gemini Girl - wlang quality
Gemini Girl - and hindi sya tumwag nung bday ko
Mr. Futsal- that sucks man
Gemini Girl - i know
Mr. Futsal- kayo pa rin ba?
Gemini Girl - hinde nah
Gemini Girl - i did it after my bday
Gemini Girl - pero un ang bale point....
Gemini Girl - to make my decison.. aother from his slacking off
Gemini Girl - besides pra syang bata
Mr. Futsal- its nice to be parang bata on some occasions but not all the time
Mr. Futsal- pangit din kasi for us guys yung masyadong grown up na yung girl na no time for play =)(
Gemini Girl - sus ako pah
Gemini Girl - hindi lang meant
Mr. Futsal- what do you mean ikaw pa?
Mr. Futsal- =)
Gemini Girl - im low maintenance
Gemini Girl - i give freedom
Gemini Girl - no prob with fun...
Gemini Girl - sex
Gemini Girl - conversation...
Gemini Girl - flexible
Gemini Girl - i mean....
Gemini Girl - ewan..
Gemini Girl - he just slacked off
Gemini Girl - un lang
Mr. Futsal- i like that, flexible
Mr. Futsal- anyway, ok lang yun. if he’s not taking care of you na e
Gemini Girl - yeah
Gemini Girl - eh ikaw
Gemini Girl - happy naman??
Mr. Futsal- op kors =)
Mr. Futsal- happy happy =)
Mr. Futsal- observation lang, depende talaga sa guy on how the relationship goes
Mr. Futsal- pansin ko we guys rarely change. you girls change depende sa boypren
Gemini Girl - hinde ah
Gemini Girl - sa lahat ng heartbroken stories
Gemini Girl - girls ang hindi nagbabago
Gemini Girl - anong change ba ang na-observe mo?
Mr. Futsal- kunyari if i am going to be an a-hole to a girl, she would be an a-hole as well, even if shes a nice person
Mr. Futsal- if i were to be nice to very bad girl, she would be nice
Mr. Futsal- its different yung girl to boy. even if the girl is nice and the guy is really an a-hole, he remains an a-hole
Mr. Futsal- just an observation
Gemini Girl - wel... generally.. girls changes her mind
Mr. Futsal- ah. amen!
Mr. Futsal- its a different story naman. youre talking about mood swings
Gemini Girl - ahh yeah
Gemini Girl - girls are nice naman noh generally
Gemini Girl - bihira lang ang a-hole na girls
Gemini Girl - in fact i dnt think they exists....
Gemini Girl - even pokpok girls.. can be real sweethearts
Mr. Futsal- hmm. i guess. but i have no experience first hand on such girls but some of my friends tell me stuff
Mr. Futsal- well i believe the exist. if guys can be that way, why cant girls. hehe
Mr. Futsal- *they
Gemini Girl - i dnt know..
Gemini Girl - i dont generally look at people tat way..
Gemini Girl - whatever/whoever crosses my path.. i'll accept them at face value
Gemini Girl - if ur rude.. so am i...
Gemini Girl - but things change din noh..
Gemini Girl - we must still see through the person...
Mr. Futsal- well i know girls na pineperahan lang mga boypren nila. hehe
Mr. Futsal- and the guy is nice ha
Gemini Girl - omg
Mr. Futsal- sabi nman ng girls, e pumapayag naman yung guy e
Gemini Girl - omg
Gemini Girl - panong pinepreahan??
Mr. Futsal- that was back in college e. free lunch, free pamasahe
Mr. Futsal- stuff like that
Gemini Girl - omg
Gemini Girl - bka sobrah pretty ang girl.. na poor
Gemini Girl - hehehe
Mr. Futsal- hmm. i guess. pero naging gelpren ko yung isa sa mga kilala ko na yun e
Mr. Futsal- e kurips ako, hehe ok lang. we had a gud rel naman.
Mr. Futsal- girls really change depende sa boypren
Gemini Girl - people change
Gemini Girl - but not girls
Gemini Girl - not just girls
Gemini Girl - kase lamo tol
Gemini Girl - girls take the boys back
Gemini Girl - boys hinde
Gemini Girl - they dont change
Gemini Girl - they change bec they have to.. maybe
Gemini Girl - when the bf is salcking of
Mr. Futsal- oh cmon. its just the type of guy he is. hes great at first until he gets to your pants and then he slacks off
Mr. Futsal- kahit gano ka-ok na babae yun he'll just be the same
Mr. Futsal- wait ang sinasabi ko girls change dpende sa boypren ha
Mr. Futsal- im saying generally, but of course were talking about people here. its not pure science. so there are going to be some exceptions to the rule for some
Gemini Girl - he'll just be the same na...??
Gemini Girl - bsta tol i dnt agree on that
Mr. Futsal- he'll just be the same na ok sa una and then slacks off
Gemini Girl - guys change kaya
Mr. Futsal- we're not on the same page
Mr. Futsal- yes i know guys change.
Mr. Futsal- iba yung change na sinasabi mo
Mr. Futsal- omg hrap iexplain sa st
Gemini Girl - cge cge
Gemini Girl - what kind of bf naman kya un?
Mr. Futsal- kung ok yung bf, nagiging ok din sila. kung di ok, nagiging di rin sila ok
Gemini Girl - naku
Gemini Girl - shu-shunga shunga pa nga un babae noh kahit harap harapan na pgka a-hole ng boy
Mr. Futsal- im talking about girls here above 20, not teenagers. hehe
Gemini Girl - im not sure
Gemini Girl - the girls you u and ur friends met must be intelligent
Mr. Futsal- mga kilala kong girls na ganun is first bf nila or dun nila nawala virginity nila kaya sila shushunga shunga
Gemini Girl - ok...
Gemini Girl - i think, it's just right and corrct for the girl to change.. kapag nagbago ang guy
Gemini Girl - hindi ba't ganun dpat?
Gemini Girl - kase kung ako.. when i broke up with dec bf... i did a lot of things to slavage.. change for the better....
Gemini Girl - pour the loving and understanding i give,...
Gemini Girl - he's not my first and dfinitely not highschool
Mr. Futsal- thats the thing. you just said it
Mr. Futsal- kasi we guys dont change!
Mr. Futsal- even if mag bago ka pa and maging ok ka, di kami magbabago
Gemini Girl - hello
Gemini Girl - nagbago kya sya
Gemini Girl - kaya nga bumabalik
Mr. Futsal- yeah give him 1 month
Gemini Girl - why ot change for the nette
Mr. Futsal- babalik din sa original nyang ugali yun
Gemini Girl - oh no tol
Gemini Girl - more than a month nga un noh
Gemini Girl - jusko
Mr. Futsal- nagbago sya kasi hes in love again
Mr. Futsal- but thats just the effect of love. its not who he really is
Gemini Girl - then the same goes with girls
Gemini Girl - it's just what love can make us do
Gemini Girl - but thats not who we are// maybe
Gemini Girl - sort of
Gemini Girl - hahhaha
Mr. Futsal- well, maybe youre a part of the exceptions to the rule i mentioned earlier
Mr. Futsal- all of the people i know agree with me. even girls
Gemini Girl - hell no
Mr. Futsal- the tell me depende sa lalaki yun kung magiging ok sila
Mr. Futsal- *they
Gemini Girl - i always talk abt love with girls
Gemini Girl - tlga....
Mr. Futsal- sige ill ask you questions
Mr. Futsal- the whole time ba sa rel mo you could say na you were a good gf?
Mr. Futsal- as in the loving, caring, etc...?
Gemini Girl - with dec bf.... oo
Gemini Girl - until i dated smbdy else habag kame pah...
Gemini Girl - bec... i think... it's alreday going down the hill
Gemini Girl - tingin ko guys gnun dn
Mr. Futsal- teka teka
Mr. Futsal- isa isa lang
Gemini Girl - and hidi lang ganun.. they date girls khit active and "loving" ang rel nila with current
Mr. Futsal- yung bf mo, was he a good bf? loving caring, loyal din etc?
Gemini Girl - he was
Gemini Girl - loyal.. caring
Mr. Futsal- d whole time?
Mr. Futsal- from start to end?
Gemini Girl - yes i think so... but thats bec im like that also...
Gemini Girl - pero hindi namn pla nya ako mahal tlga
Mr. Futsal- bakit mo nasabi? kala ko he was loving?
Gemini Girl - long story tol eh
Gemini Girl - bec thats what i thought
Mr. Futsal- o sige when did he change. or when did he stop loving you. tancha mo lang
Gemini Girl - he ddnt love me nga eh
Mr. Futsal- dont worry may point tong mga questions ko. marerealize mo babae nagbabago
Mr. Futsal- tingin mo nga kelan
Mr. Futsal- october?
Gemini Girl - 15mos kame
Mr. Futsal- november? when did you feel the coldness?
Gemini Girl - 3month
Mr. Futsal- so mga september. tama ba?
Gemini Girl - sucks noh?
Gemini Girl - shet
Gemini Girl - yeah
Mr. Futsal- hold on. so kelan ka nagdate ng iba?
Gemini Girl - july.. pero bday kase un....
Gemini Girl - pero friends lang
Mr. Futsal- not friends. yung may something
Mr. Futsal- dating is not done by friends
Gemini Girl - sept
Mr. Futsal- o see!!!!
Mr. Futsal- bullseye
Gemini Girl - but like what i say tol...
Mr. Futsal- teka ano nauna, coldness ng boypren mo or nagdate ka ng iba?
Gemini Girl - it is correct that girls souuld change when the boy is a-hole
Gemini Girl - i should have dump him so earlier
Gemini Girl - i gae him a lot of chance
Gemini Girl - haaaay jusme..... i tell u okay lang un
Mr. Futsal- theres no right or wrong, correct or incorrect sa isang rel.theres always two sides of the story. its just the way it is
Mr. Futsal- girls generally change depende sa guy
Mr. Futsal- but kami, kahit ok kayo, kapag din namin feel. talagang wala
Mr. Futsal- *di
Gemini Girl - ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Gemini Girl - f**kng shet
Mr. Futsal- o naniniwala ka na sa kin?
Gemini Girl - u mean.. the emotions of girls.. escalate
Gemini Girl - from nothing to meron
Gemini Girl - from meron to wla
Gemini Girl - what is "wala"?
Mr. Futsal- wala na kami tlagang magagawa. kahit na ano pa gawin mo. gnun na tlaga kami
Mr. Futsal- yung mga sinasabi mong nagbabago yung lalaki, yung sa una ok tapos magsslack off, it just shows na pinapakita na namin yung tunay naming ugali sa yo
Gemini Girl - ano nga ang wla... ? Walang 1. gusto 2. love 3. like 4. crush
Mr. Futsal- yun yung totoo. hindi yung simula ng rel. cloud9 stuff lang yun!
Mr. Futsal- talagang wala na kaming magagawa.
Gemini Girl - anong nga un wla???
Gemini Girl - magagawa na ano??
Gemini Girl - i want to read/hear it
Mr. Futsal- wala - magagawa
Mr. Futsal- di namin gawain yung magbago for you girls
Mr. Futsal- none of the above
Gemini Girl - magbago... kahit mahal mo?
Mr. Futsal- yes kahit mahal namin
Gemini Girl - omg...
Mr. Futsal- its true
Gemini Girl - i see
Gemini Girl - wo whatever u put into the relationship depends on how u are born and raised?
Mr. Futsal- ako generally kurips ako. i like saving money. yung ex ko minahal ko sya sobra
Mr. Futsal- pero she demanded na ispend ko yung savings ko on dates sa mamahaling restos and stuff. gusto ko man gawin, i cant go against my true nature
Mr. Futsal- ganun yun!
Gemini Girl - does that mean.. that if guys requested smthing sa girls... we'd do it?
Mr. Futsal- hmm. it depends
Mr. Futsal- for example gusto nung guy maging loyal yung girl. kung loyal yung guy definitely ok lang
Mr. Futsal- thats what im saying. nakadepende ugali ng girl sa ugali ng guy
Gemini Girl - i think the rule there is... girls will change for the betterment of the rel
Gemini Girl - we still have our true natures
Mr. Futsal- i have a better one
Gemini Girl - we salvage our rel... hanggat may hope
Gemini Girl - but of it's hopeless.. then let it down the drain
Mr. Futsal- girls should wait and see the true nature of a guy before sleeping or getting serious with him. coz we guys CANNOT change. we could change, but only for a while. =)
Mr. Futsal- uy tulog lang ako. kung gusto mo continue na lang natin later Ü
Mr. Futsal- ge po
Gemini Girl - pwede ko bang ilagay sa status ko yan?
Gemini Girl - psst
Mr. Futsal- alin?
Gemini Girl - Mr. Futsal- girls should wait and see the true nature of a guy before sleeping or getting serious with him. coz we guys CANNOT change. we could change, but only for a while. =)

Mr. Futsal- huy wag
Gemini Girl - cge
Gemini Girl - thanks
Mr. Futsal- tanggalin mo pangalan ko and sleeping with someone
Gemini Girl - hehee
Gemini Girl - cge cge
Gemini Girl - shet
Gemini Girl - shet kayo
Mr. Futsal- i know guys would not agree with me in front of you girls coz its minus points
Mr. Futsal- but im sure deep down inside of them, they get my point
Gemini Girl - thanks tol for this truth
Mr. Futsal- no prob. anytime Ü

Thursday, December 21, 2006

almost puked on the rollercoaster

It was in 2002 when I first set foot on Enchanted Kingdom and my had it made a horrific tale to tell. Actually it was a report on steel design (4th year steel design 1) that made us the do the trip and guess what we’ve chosen?? è ROLLERCOASTERS. So where can we find these jumbo thang but on EK. Well, meron din sa StarCity but the one in EK was more.. I say... awesome. So there. To make the report more convincing is to have a taste of the model itself. I have never ridden one before so how should I feel aside from being nervous?

The machine was chugging the train upward and I have never been nakedly high as before. At my right was a field of greens. The sky was bright and I was in muted bliss for a while until we were released.

I instinctively closed my eyes and bowed my head thinking that the nightmare would be over the next time I opened my eyes. It was the most terror-filled 20 seconds of my life. Looked cool after. BUT HELL DIZZY!

I quickly bought a tall ice cream to somehow defuse my bamboozled head. I feel nauseous and sick then I throw up. Yuck no? hehhehe. I was like a big mouthed hose of pressurized cold vomit. Good thing I didn’t puked on anyone (or worst puked during the ride.. hahhaha). After that yucky scene, I spent the rest of the afternoon inside the clinic.
After 4 years, I had a an on and on recollection of that puking memory. Why? Last Saturday, moi and adan lee made EK. My second time there but my first time to meet his close friends. Some of them had been there and some were first timers. OF course, the dare to ride the space shuttle is there. Monster space shuttle. By the way, we were 10 all in all (5 pairs) one pair didn’t come with us. I was physically walking to the booth and my head was shrinking in panic. Honey told me not to ride if I really can’t take it. But if I won’t, sya lang ang walang kasama. I hoped and prayed that the ride would time out but to my dismay, we were doing our seatbelts after a bout of 20-30minutes.
Knees shaking. Cold sweat. I wasn’t looking down..

Everybody was hollering. I was just looking at the same side where I was years ago. This time it was different. It was a lively evening and the ground was a haze of wild lights. The man beside me was a familiar face. He wasn’t screaming. But he was uttering words. He said “I love you honey” and he was looking at me. Between the sensation of anxiety and joy, I stopped. And responded in calm emotion. It was a moment to remember. Then. I went back to reality in seconds. I still wasn’t looking down and was already screaming for dear life. I conditioned that any moment now; I will feel my heart numb and catch my breath so hard. The same fright I had before.

After gathering in the ground with the rest of the gang, I looked up the rollercoaster, Still dizzy sans the puking. I told myself will ever ride the thing again? I said NO. But if my man is there beside me and hear those words in such an enchanting moment…… I would ride that monster machine- over and over again.

Friday, August 04, 2006

a friday night chat with my old buddy jp

my headliner was : may kilala ba kayong architect? ipasok niyo naman bro ko...

jpgrms: meron!
jpgrms: may trabaho na...
jpgrms: apmc
jomaykulit: insan mo?
jpgrms: ayun, nsa facilities sa libis
jomaykulit: yung pinsan mo nga?
jpgrms: kulit a! facilities engr. nga sa libis...
jomaykulit: oo nga
jomaykulit: so un kakilala mong engr...
jomaykulit: architect pla.. facilities engr sa libis?
jomaykulit: tama ba?
jomaykulit: sorry ah slow ako eh
jpgrms: may kilala akong arch., may trabaho na...
tapos itinanong mo yung insan ko...
sabi ko, may trabaho na sa libis...
fac. engr.
jpgrms: gets?!
jomaykulit: ok clear na un abt sa insan mo
jomaykulit: dun sa rchitect..
jomaykulit: ang sabi ko kung pwede ipasok bro ko
jpgrms: apmc yun e... pwede ba yun?
jomaykulit: why not?
jpgrms: e 'di si Genesis ang i'kontak mo... yung kilala ko bago lang e...
jomaykulit: ohhhhhh
jomaykulit: honga no
jomaykulit: kpag nakita mo.. banggitin mo lang ha
jomaykulit: pero ako kakausap sknya..
jomaykulit: hihihihi
jomaykulit: may gf na ba xa?
jpgrms: ndi ko naman nkakausap yun e...
jpgrms: gf... oo ata
jpgrms: hoping ka pa dun?
jomaykulit: nyuk
jomaykulit: hindi ah
jomaykulit: mjo weird lang feeling.. heheh sama ko
jomaykulit: dami ko pagpipilian..
jpgrms: ndi bading un! manyak rin un!
jomaykulit: layo kay gen
jomaykulit: haha
jomaykulit: sama ko
jpgrms: gaya ko! hehe!
jomaykulit: na masama?
jomaykulit: o dami pagpipilian?
jpgrms: hehe!
jomaykulit: alam mo..
jpgrms: *uc#!
jomaykulit: kapag kausap mo un.. and as if manyalk siya..
jpgrms: what's it?
jomaykulit: i think he's just trying to fit in... but that's not really him
jomaykulit: (sama sama ko)
jpgrms: si Gen?
jpgrms: ndi nman...
jomaykulit: mjo..
jpgrms: he has a goal, that's why he always seems to be just tryin to fit in...
jpgrms: GOAL
jomaykulit: ride on lang sa ka-maniacan niyo noh.... nahwa lang yan nung time na un
jomaykulit: hahaha
jpgrms: ndi manyak na goal...
jomaykulit: AND THE GOAL IS?
jpgrms: ask him
jpgrms: it's his and not mine to tell
jomaykulit: fine
jomaykulit: still
jomaykulit: he really doesnt need to ptoject soemthing he is not
jpgrms: yun nga sya e, "tryin to fit in"
jpgrms: gets?
jomaykulit: hihihi
jomaykulit: soi
jomaykulit: un na nga
jomaykulit: tsk'
jomaykulit: d na kayo close?
jomaykulit: db close kayo nun?
jpgrms: tagal na naming hindi nag-uusap at nagkikita...
jpgrms: namatay na tatay nya
jpgrms: lam mo?
jomaykulit: nagpunta kami ni sheryll saburol..
jomaykulit: huling gabi
jomaykulit: sa last night kami lang nagpunta
jomaykulit: may ofic mate dn
jpgrms: may ofic mate dn...?
jomaykulit: ofc m8 nya
jomaykulit: may nagpunta sainyo??
jpgrms: yup, sina remus at cliff at ibang barkada, pero ako kasama ko si jeanne hiwalay na lakad hindi kami nagsabaysabay
jomaykulit: jeane?
jomaykulit: gf#1 mo?
jpgrms: gfOnly1 ko!
jpgrms: and "my women" are the others!
jomaykulit: wahahaha
jomaykulit: LOL
jomaykulit: iba kna tlga ngayon dude
jpgrms: know/heard of someone called "nica"?
jomaykulit: ive read your testimonials dre...
jpgrms: alright...
jomaykulit: maganda un.. ano pinakain mo!!!
jpgrms: sa bundok ko nakilala yun, rare catch!
jpgrms: yun, friend ko yun dati pa, college pa...
jomaykulit: taga inyo?
jomaykulit: hehe joke dre.. bundok kamo eh
jomaykulit: what about being rare catch?
jpgrms: bundok sa amin, pero hindi sa amin...
jomaykulit: ahhh... how was teh catch?
jpgrms: for someone not so pleasant looking such as i am...
jomaykulit: lamo... for girls.. la naman gano bearing ang mukha noh...
jomaykulit: tamo gf mo ngayon... napintas
jpgrms: (sige, 2nd-the-motion ka lang dyan!)
jomaykulit: o siya
jpgrms: sige na, tama na!
jomaykulit: what happened nga
jpgrms: saan...?
jomaykulit: sa nica?
jpgrms: she's in dubai...
jomaykulit: panong catch? nanging gf mo ba?
jpgrms: now a flight attendant
jpgrms: bakit ba interesado ka dun sa "catch"?
jomaykulit: ohhhh..
jpgrms: hindi ko gf yun!
jomaykulit: eh sa un nag topic eh.. hindi sa kung cno siya and what she does..
jpgrms: ok... drop the topic, senseless
jomaykulit: she's one of the "others"
jpgrms: kind'a...
jpgrms: only 3 times kami nag-meet sa buong buhay...
jomaykulit: nakow.. dpat fulfilling yan... hitik baga.. what happened sa three times na yan?
jomaykulit: may holdng hands ba ito..
jpgrms: nothing happened ever...
everytime is just...
(anung term dun, tantalizing ba?)
jomaykulit: so you mean, your "others", you mean, you were attracted to other women.. until now if ever u meet agn...
jomaykulit: ang definition ko kasi dre...
jomaykulit: may gf ka ngayon.. but you date other girls
jomaykulit: casual date lang.. dahil may "attraction".. but not necesarily.. making a "follow-through"
jomaykulit: gets?
jomaykulit: unless you have communiction till now....
jomaykulit: theres still an ongoing "attraction"
jpgrms: yung "others", ay biro lang!
jpgrms: unless that includes nica...
jpgrms: hehe!
jomaykulit: ahhh okay
jomaykulit: sus naman to
jomaykulit: kala ko pa naman ay.. is akang don romantiko ngayon
jomaykulit: hahaha
jpgrms: bakit ka ba naniniwala sa akin...?
jomaykulit: dahil akala ko... kilala pa din kita
jpgrms: wag kang mag-alala... i'll always be the me you've befriended years ago...
jomaykulit: im touched all over...
jomaykulit: hahahha
jomaykulit: me too
jpgrms: kung may magbabago, pag nagkita tayo, hindi kita makakalimutan...
jomaykulit: iba tlga ang kampante mo saken no?
jpgrms: golden rule... is my rule
jomaykulit: anong rule nga ba un ulet?
jomaykulit: hehe
jomaykulit: ay teka..
jomaykulit: hulaan ko
jomaykulit: ... na lahat ng magiging friend mo... 'if i have only one friend left.. i'd want it to be you.."
jomaykulit: (sana tama)
jomaykulit: hehehhe
jpgrms: ndi a...
jomaykulit: mali ba? hehehe
jpgrms: i just want to make friends that are friends forever
jomaykulit: ahhh
jomaykulit: actually un sinabi ko kanina.. kaw nagsabi saken nun
jomaykulit: nsa dilim tayo nun.. wahahahha
jpgrms: kailan yun, nung hinalikan kita sa leeg at sinabi mong "...hindi na ako bata"?
jomaykulit: tange
jomaykulit: hahahhaah
jomaykulit: nung kinausap tyo ng madre at tiningnan un mga ID naten
jpgrms: hehe!
jpgrms: naaalala mo ba yung binanggit ko?
jomaykulit: ...........oo
jomaykulit: bkit ba magkasama pa tyo nung oras na un?
jpgrms: mmm... drop the topic...
jpgrms: malaki ba kita dyan sa Fdaniels?
jomaykulit: nakow randy
jomaykulit: i am already over with that ordeal... you made it look like it was a bad thing.... ( ewan ko lang)
jpgrms: bakit naman?
just want it be cherished and not spoiled by talking about it
jomaykulit: for your second question ( which u asked already) above average.. ok lang
jpgrms: for that topic i want to drop...
i am not trying to make it look like it was a bad thing, i'm sorry if that is how you're gettin' it...
jomaykulit: well
jomaykulit: wala naman... dnt worry..
jomaykulit: oist
jomaykulit: umuwi na si adanlee
jpgrms: o! pasalubong ko!
jpgrms: musta sya?
jomaykulit: eto
jomaykulit: ngayon ko lang naisip.. chinito pla siya
jpgrms: anung "eto"?
jomaykulit: okay kami
jpgrms: tagal nang chinito yan!
jpgrms: andyan sya?
jomaykulit: spent the weekend at their house
jpgrms: ktabi mo?
jomaykulit: nagyon ko lang nga naisip na chinito pla siya
jomaykulit: hahaha
jomaykulit: mas guapo ngayon..
jomaykulit: hahhaha
jomaykulit: tange
jomaykulit: nsa ofc ako nu kb
jpgrms: e di magsasaya kayo nyan!?
jomaykulit: mjo
jomaykulit: hahhaha
jomaykulit: pinapinura nya bahay nila kasi pupunta ako dun
jomaykulit: sabi nung nanay nya
jomaykulit: at bumili ng bagong sofa
jomaykulit: hehe
jomaykulit: touch ako
jpgrms: san ka na-touch?
jpgrms: kain lang po...
jomaykulit: isaisama ko siya sa outing nextweek
jomaykulit: pangit nito!!!
jomaykulit: hrrmf

Monday, May 30, 2005

Makati Diaries 11: Did she come into your life?

The year seemed amazingly active.
And now she’s 24.
Did she come into your life?
Did you see her grow?

4 jobs around Makati.
Nightly joyrides. First lady treatments.
Coffee nights. Coffee dawn.
Friendships built. Friendships forgotten.

She looks at herself.
Tired and Enduring
Semi-tactless but 100% caring.
Evidently dressed better and yet still couldn’t leave being a punk.

Innocence is with the wind.

Hurt. Cheated. Accused.
Her heart was torn into million pieces .
And yet incredibly still so much in love with him.

She celebrates the day in her lonely table.
Trying hard to learn everyday.
Staying up late, and living up to her boss’ expectations
She’s supposed to be in high spirits
And yet tears would well up her frail eyes.
I just wish her to be a happy girl again.
Like she used to be.
Happy birthday to her.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Makati diaries 10 : A chamorro surprise!

From: Jazzef 7438517
Message ; Tol, powerbooks. 7pm

One thing I learned from Sef is never be late. You even need to get your watches in sync. Though I am so hooked with my work, I need to hit Ayala around 6:30pm. And since there’s no much rides in my area to the mall (aside from walking up to LKG tower), taxi’s are but a relief. Good thing on Saturdays, you don’t need to look corporate. Funny. I’m wearing heels.

From: Jazzef 7438517

Message: I’ll be late…

So much for rushing.
It was a weeks notice when I received this invite of his. A wave of shock took me. Like what does he want me to think? Padespedida na ba ito? And though not too much to my surprise, most of the batch are leaving the country. Like cows, seeking greener pastures. And like a beautiful beach where you’ve been, it may be the last time you’ll ever see them.

After 15 minutes (or so). Sef came.
“tol! Anong meron??!”. Huh? Huh?”. I was squeezing his neck.
“anong anong meron?”, he was busy texting.

Unexpectedly, a longhaired lady with deep set of dimples emerged from nowhere.
It’s Marie!! Gosh it’s Marie!
Still the same—simple on black shirt and jeans.

And yet behind that uncomplicated look is a lady who survived UST Engineering,
Someone who usually stand between contractors and management,
A lady who teaches Construction Math to fully grown adults
back in the beautiful island of GUAHHHM....

It has been almost 11months. And I was a happy girl the last time we saw each other.
We told stories better than we did on emails.
Joe treated us to Bubba Gump. Coffee bean on marie.
Two other guys weren’t able to make it. Sayang.

Late at night, I took a taxi all the way to caloocan.
Hava family outing thingy in Bulacan the next day.

It was an active weekend.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Makati diaries 9: Up the 16F

as i rode a taxi on my way to work this morning with three total strangers, i received an sms

from sheryll..." joms, i heard from chico this morning greeting somebody who just passed the CE board exams. the results are out i guess."

i ddnt reply bec i had no load. my heart was panting. as i reached the office. i called her up.

"girl, wla akong load. may internet k db? check mo naman.", kako. " teka may tinitingnan ako para kay neal", she retorted. " ah ganon ba? pasenxa na. cge mmaya na lang". "ito na nga binubuksan na. saan ba?" i told her to look up at inq7 and read a list of courses... "chemical.... civil...*pause 19 lang ang nag-exam??.... *pause.. ay iba to.. tol wala pa results", she finished.

okay but unbelieving.i loaded up as lunch came. "Joel, may results na daw ah". Joel opened inq7...."


At that instant. i ddnt know what to feel. i am sure i am happy about it. finally he did it. i was finding explanation about my strange feeling while eating my longganisa. i texted ryll.

"To: *ryll Message: He passed...

after three spoonfuls, i moved my lunch back to the ref. tried to drink water and went to the balcony. Up the 16F overlooking the roofs and cars passing by. i know that the air is darn hot but i felt chilly. i looked at my phone.

"from: *ryll / Message: Dapat lang. He bears the name of our school. Well, u must b happy. Congratulations?"

"I was sad sheryll. i ddnt eat lunch. nalulungkot ako kasi diko manlang siya ma-congrats".

"I perfectly understand jom. u have to go through thgis painful triumphant moment of h is that u cant be part of any longer.. so u can move on, find and accept someone else in you life who cn love u the way he didnt, so u can be part of his dream, triumphs/failures. u nid this bitter phase to push you to move on.."

im becoming dramatic that this is an important event of his that it affects me.
i went back in the office at 1pm.

8:29 pm. May 16,2005.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Makati Diaries 8: AWOL _part 2

Maybe... not looking back had been a habit of mine.
maybe because it pains/saddens me.
for saying goodbye is hard.
but then again, we all get used to spoken and unspoken goodbyes.

we were heading south. still panting as if i had left a dead body or something.
im not used to running away but i have no choice, i have to leave.
and yet my conscience is there, telling me to find a phone
at least finish the task that i left.

barely lunch, i searched for a phone. eh puro card ang meron.
so i went to look for phonecards until we have searched the whole mall.
as i have made a few phone calls. no freight mover is available.
as we were ordering Magoos, i made a slight courage if i could use their phone.
Still no freight mover.
i made a decision.

me: hello? ms. Yna? si Joan to...............
she responded.
me:wala po ako mahanap eh...............
ms. yna: Sa monday nlng cgro. papasok kba sa monday?..............

There it is. Like why does she need to ask? Was it in the tone of my voice?

me: Hindi na po...
ms. yna: Aabsent ka? or hindi kna papasok?

me: hindi na po... Cge po......thank you. (i put the receiver down)

and that was it. she should get the idea.
and there i was, At ATC, spending my last salary on Pizza and Catwoman.

i dont care. i am happy anyway.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Makati Diaries 7: AWOL

It’s the cool wind end of July
And I felt my thin salary in my pocket.
I’m heading home.
That day is supposed to be my last day at L&M
But with an important task assigned for the following day
I thought, “… half day lang naman”.
The sudden sprang of conscience made me
almost forget a scheduled date.

Morning came. I looked around the office.
Everybody had no idea.
Everybody is on their humdrum routines.
Suddenly as if I could not hear anything.
Save for the fax machine beeping.
The only sound above lifeless employees.
I went on to track my steel shipment to Zamboanga.
“Basta pag 10 am na, bababa nako…”
Ms. Vivian called up, meeting at ten.
My cellphone rang, he was already parked infront of the building.
I went down and gave him “Bkit baligtad magbasa ang mga Pilipino?”;
Explained, gave him a peck and went up the building again.
I endured the meeting and went on to finish
my goodbye letter to Grace. The most humble person in the office.
My boss obliged me to leave not after I find a freight mover.
I just hope that he won’t grow impatient. He was early then.
I was caught in the middle of professional principle and
Personal life awareness.

I went on to make few phone calls to no avail in 10 min.
I grabbed my bag, logged out, and ran as soon as I passed the door.
I never looked back.

I felt as if a chapter of my life will be left behind.

For me, they will just be a memory.

The world behind me fade to black.

I was like a convict, running out of prison.

I ran and panted....

I didn't look back.....

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Makati Diaries 6: Collorum Fx’zzzzz in the morning

I remember mentioning in an article once (that was a summer) about
taking the bus going to makati during the good ol’ days of job hunting.
Imagine the morning smoke puffs you get into your face before reaching
Quiapo and the dizzying air freshner (the green colored shaped like Christmas tree)
makes you a little bit losyang even before you reach the working metropolis.
More than once, I saw Estong walking along Fajardo st at 7am
(I was then working at Buendia) and heck did I recall him
takingthis particular trip. Thanks to estong, I discovered collorum fx rides.

Morning.7 months.
Of course, had been familiar faces alreadyand yet no acquaintances.
Just the sheer friendly smileseach time you reach your pamasahe.
Or you say “ma para” for somebody.
There are times when I get to ride with high school classmates.
You’ll notice how often this particular woman wear her blouse.
or how fashionable the lady next to her is.
Or finally assuming that the guy with shades is gay.
Except this one girl.

She has that far away look in her eyes.
And somewhere between that 40 minute ride
Tears would wash her morning make-up
What could she be thinking?as if i could feel her too
as if i could answerthat million dollar question.

Every road trip is like battle of the minds.(eyes rolls)
what could they be thinking?
Like robots, chin upcrisp suits, gelled hair, envelope tucked under.
Everybody was dropped along Ayala Ave infront of SGV bldg.
as if i felt that feeling beforeso full of aspirationsand all out
career no lovelife standing your waybut dreams and like robot
but a multitask in your brainstarts to run.
what else could they be thinking?

.... aside from automatically buying Taho....... ewan

Mon, 28 Mar 2005 13:51:27 +0100 (BST)

makati diaries 5: over overnights

i thought i have prepared my stuff for just one office overnight.
just one night. just to finish the heavy load.
though extra shirts and extra underwear were added when i plan to go to the
gym after work. clothings for just one night (not to mention several underwear for some night hot shower. thank God i dont need to boil water)

and as i sit down in front of my active computer, i ddnt notice dusk slowly shadowing my window pane. next thing i know-- dinner at kfc. breakfast at mini stop. g**. lunch. dinner. dawn. work. batangas sweets ni manang for merienda.


gosh it's 4:11 am
oh well...

im sure its not only me who experience mad overtime. people even have sunday work just to hit deadlines. i think it's a commonality for people in my line of industry to undergo this fatal dedication. less sleep. less gimik. less chance for ____. you name it. the best compensation i get is unlimited internet, unlimited coffee, sleeping with aircon, eat and eat, you look so masipag you can be hopeful getting absorbed by the company for life.

oh well, here i am
writing makati diaries
at 4:14am
hearing stand up comedy on launchcast
chatting with my gemini co-worker
looking at the window
as i notice dawn slowly shadowing my window pane.
nakikilamay sa cad dahil kung hindi sa bagal ko na paggawa ay maaga
kahit papano ang pagtapos ng gawa.

i miss my bed...

Sat, 12 Feb 2005 20:36:21 +0000 (GMT)