Sunday, May 01, 2005

Makati Diaries 8: AWOL _part 2

Maybe... not looking back had been a habit of mine.
maybe because it pains/saddens me.
for saying goodbye is hard.
but then again, we all get used to spoken and unspoken goodbyes.

we were heading south. still panting as if i had left a dead body or something.
im not used to running away but i have no choice, i have to leave.
and yet my conscience is there, telling me to find a phone
at least finish the task that i left.

barely lunch, i searched for a phone. eh puro card ang meron.
so i went to look for phonecards until we have searched the whole mall.
as i have made a few phone calls. no freight mover is available.
as we were ordering Magoos, i made a slight courage if i could use their phone.
Still no freight mover.
i made a decision.

me: hello? ms. Yna? si Joan to...............
she responded.
me:wala po ako mahanap eh...............
ms. yna: Sa monday nlng cgro. papasok kba sa monday?..............

There it is. Like why does she need to ask? Was it in the tone of my voice?

me: Hindi na po...
ms. yna: Aabsent ka? or hindi kna papasok?

me: hindi na po... Cge po......thank you. (i put the receiver down)

and that was it. she should get the idea.
and there i was, At ATC, spending my last salary on Pizza and Catwoman.

i dont care. i am happy anyway.

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