Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Makati Diaries 7: AWOL

It’s the cool wind end of July
And I felt my thin salary in my pocket.
I’m heading home.
That day is supposed to be my last day at L&M
But with an important task assigned for the following day
I thought, “… half day lang naman”.
The sudden sprang of conscience made me
almost forget a scheduled date.

Morning came. I looked around the office.
Everybody had no idea.
Everybody is on their humdrum routines.
Suddenly as if I could not hear anything.
Save for the fax machine beeping.
The only sound above lifeless employees.
I went on to track my steel shipment to Zamboanga.
“Basta pag 10 am na, bababa nako…”
Ms. Vivian called up, meeting at ten.
My cellphone rang, he was already parked infront of the building.
I went down and gave him “Bkit baligtad magbasa ang mga Pilipino?”;
Explained, gave him a peck and went up the building again.
I endured the meeting and went on to finish
my goodbye letter to Grace. The most humble person in the office.
My boss obliged me to leave not after I find a freight mover.
I just hope that he won’t grow impatient. He was early then.
I was caught in the middle of professional principle and
Personal life awareness.

I went on to make few phone calls to no avail in 10 min.
I grabbed my bag, logged out, and ran as soon as I passed the door.
I never looked back.

I felt as if a chapter of my life will be left behind.

For me, they will just be a memory.

The world behind me fade to black.

I was like a convict, running out of prison.

I ran and panted....

I didn't look back.....

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