Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Makati Diaries 6: Collorum Fx’zzzzz in the morning

I remember mentioning in an article once (that was a summer) about
taking the bus going to makati during the good ol’ days of job hunting.
Imagine the morning smoke puffs you get into your face before reaching
Quiapo and the dizzying air freshner (the green colored shaped like Christmas tree)
makes you a little bit losyang even before you reach the working metropolis.
More than once, I saw Estong walking along Fajardo st at 7am
(I was then working at Buendia) and heck did I recall him
takingthis particular trip. Thanks to estong, I discovered collorum fx rides.

Morning.7 months.
Of course, had been familiar faces alreadyand yet no acquaintances.
Just the sheer friendly smileseach time you reach your pamasahe.
Or you say “ma para” for somebody.
There are times when I get to ride with high school classmates.
You’ll notice how often this particular woman wear her blouse.
or how fashionable the lady next to her is.
Or finally assuming that the guy with shades is gay.
Except this one girl.

She has that far away look in her eyes.
And somewhere between that 40 minute ride
Tears would wash her morning make-up
What could she be thinking?as if i could feel her too
as if i could answerthat million dollar question.

Every road trip is like battle of the minds.(eyes rolls)
what could they be thinking?
Like robots, chin upcrisp suits, gelled hair, envelope tucked under.
Everybody was dropped along Ayala Ave infront of SGV bldg.
as if i felt that feeling beforeso full of aspirationsand all out
career no lovelife standing your waybut dreams and like robot
but a multitask in your brainstarts to run.
what else could they be thinking?

.... aside from automatically buying Taho....... ewan

Mon, 28 Mar 2005 13:51:27 +0100 (BST)

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