Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Makati Diaries 1: One fine Saturday

its the matutinal scenery..
you wake up and automatically heat water for your morning bath..

press your clothes though undecided really what to wear.

no breakfast
you brush your teeth to take away your morning halitosis..

a little make up from there atop with a corporate look
and off you go carrying your backpack you didnt touch
since you arrived mid last night..

Saturdays in makati could be really lonesome
few people.. few cars.. few open buildings..
Even mr. Taho who use to be in the corner

and the candy woman is missing..

The air is sooo light and free
its llke you are on the right track up to a promising career..

the travels.. the people
it's the yuppie feeling

ahhh. office at last and you'd feel the low

humming aircon breaking your eardrums in
utter silence.. there's no really work on saturdays
but i have to come to finish some Cebu water tank,
my table's a trash, and calcs are a dozen..
(shet.. pano ko nga ba gagawin to??!)

my... how will i ever come through the day
oh Lordy help me
help me focus on my work
please take away the _____ thoughts of my recent life
my recent life.....
my recent life.....

oops, dad called and it was refreshing..

talk about the whats up and whats gonna be...
the feeling of a daughter for a father on those kinds of talks..
those kinds of talks..
on my chair and messy table and calcs
up the nth floor of a building
overlooking toxic and busy makati.....

---- Oct 9, 2004

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