Wednesday, April 13, 2005

makati diaries 5: over overnights

i thought i have prepared my stuff for just one office overnight.
just one night. just to finish the heavy load.
though extra shirts and extra underwear were added when i plan to go to the
gym after work. clothings for just one night (not to mention several underwear for some night hot shower. thank God i dont need to boil water)

and as i sit down in front of my active computer, i ddnt notice dusk slowly shadowing my window pane. next thing i know-- dinner at kfc. breakfast at mini stop. g**. lunch. dinner. dawn. work. batangas sweets ni manang for merienda.


gosh it's 4:11 am
oh well...

im sure its not only me who experience mad overtime. people even have sunday work just to hit deadlines. i think it's a commonality for people in my line of industry to undergo this fatal dedication. less sleep. less gimik. less chance for ____. you name it. the best compensation i get is unlimited internet, unlimited coffee, sleeping with aircon, eat and eat, you look so masipag you can be hopeful getting absorbed by the company for life.

oh well, here i am
writing makati diaries
at 4:14am
hearing stand up comedy on launchcast
chatting with my gemini co-worker
looking at the window
as i notice dawn slowly shadowing my window pane.
nakikilamay sa cad dahil kung hindi sa bagal ko na paggawa ay maaga
kahit papano ang pagtapos ng gawa.

i miss my bed...

Sat, 12 Feb 2005 20:36:21 +0000 (GMT)

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