Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Makati Diaries 4: A Day Before New Year

i am 70% thankful
and 30% unthankful

the thankful side is that i have the opportunity to earn what i've spent for the holidays.
and that also mean -- no vacation (yes, this is included in the 70% thankful)

for the unthankful part, it is when i dont have the time to shop-- that meant trudging divisoria
in the evening, rushing to the mall before it closes, bearing the apartment's utter silence since
people are having their holiday spree. oh i forgot.. i just sleep when i got home after a night out.
i better change my rate to 80% and 20% respectively.

today, almost all stores are closed in makati so me and two of my seniors have to walk all
the way to greenbelt to have lunch. Bonding. Makati was such a lonely sight. Ayala Avenue
was closed to make way for the lighting setup in preparation for tomorrows New Year celeb.
Like the one we see in U.S. where people gather in the streets i.e New York and make a
countdown sortee. Only few people. Thank God Greenbelt is open.

Next year when i come back here on my new slacks and heeled shoes,
the air would be different.
It's a brand new start.
although, the inevitable routinary life--
Boil water
Collorum fx lines
Underpass crowd
work drag
single mom-like
expect opportunities
take chances
be in love

Its the age where we are experiencing the mid-life crisis.
we start to realize that there are a lot of things about us that we don't know
or may not like (so the author says). We get scared. We don't know where we are.
oh well, In two days, those born in 1981 (i'm in!) will have a good year. Hey! it's the year of the rooster. (psychic me)
Let's breath in the luck!

Happy New year to all

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