Monday, May 16, 2005

Makati diaries 9: Up the 16F

as i rode a taxi on my way to work this morning with three total strangers, i received an sms

from sheryll..." joms, i heard from chico this morning greeting somebody who just passed the CE board exams. the results are out i guess."

i ddnt reply bec i had no load. my heart was panting. as i reached the office. i called her up.

"girl, wla akong load. may internet k db? check mo naman.", kako. " teka may tinitingnan ako para kay neal", she retorted. " ah ganon ba? pasenxa na. cge mmaya na lang". "ito na nga binubuksan na. saan ba?" i told her to look up at inq7 and read a list of courses... "chemical.... civil...*pause 19 lang ang nag-exam??.... *pause.. ay iba to.. tol wala pa results", she finished.

okay but unbelieving.i loaded up as lunch came. "Joel, may results na daw ah". Joel opened inq7...."


At that instant. i ddnt know what to feel. i am sure i am happy about it. finally he did it. i was finding explanation about my strange feeling while eating my longganisa. i texted ryll.

"To: *ryll Message: He passed...

after three spoonfuls, i moved my lunch back to the ref. tried to drink water and went to the balcony. Up the 16F overlooking the roofs and cars passing by. i know that the air is darn hot but i felt chilly. i looked at my phone.

"from: *ryll / Message: Dapat lang. He bears the name of our school. Well, u must b happy. Congratulations?"

"I was sad sheryll. i ddnt eat lunch. nalulungkot ako kasi diko manlang siya ma-congrats".

"I perfectly understand jom. u have to go through thgis painful triumphant moment of h is that u cant be part of any longer.. so u can move on, find and accept someone else in you life who cn love u the way he didnt, so u can be part of his dream, triumphs/failures. u nid this bitter phase to push you to move on.."

im becoming dramatic that this is an important event of his that it affects me.
i went back in the office at 1pm.

8:29 pm. May 16,2005.

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