Saturday, May 21, 2005

Makati diaries 10 : A chamorro surprise!

From: Jazzef 7438517
Message ; Tol, powerbooks. 7pm

One thing I learned from Sef is never be late. You even need to get your watches in sync. Though I am so hooked with my work, I need to hit Ayala around 6:30pm. And since there’s no much rides in my area to the mall (aside from walking up to LKG tower), taxi’s are but a relief. Good thing on Saturdays, you don’t need to look corporate. Funny. I’m wearing heels.

From: Jazzef 7438517

Message: I’ll be late…

So much for rushing.
It was a weeks notice when I received this invite of his. A wave of shock took me. Like what does he want me to think? Padespedida na ba ito? And though not too much to my surprise, most of the batch are leaving the country. Like cows, seeking greener pastures. And like a beautiful beach where you’ve been, it may be the last time you’ll ever see them.

After 15 minutes (or so). Sef came.
“tol! Anong meron??!”. Huh? Huh?”. I was squeezing his neck.
“anong anong meron?”, he was busy texting.

Unexpectedly, a longhaired lady with deep set of dimples emerged from nowhere.
It’s Marie!! Gosh it’s Marie!
Still the same—simple on black shirt and jeans.

And yet behind that uncomplicated look is a lady who survived UST Engineering,
Someone who usually stand between contractors and management,
A lady who teaches Construction Math to fully grown adults
back in the beautiful island of GUAHHHM....

It has been almost 11months. And I was a happy girl the last time we saw each other.
We told stories better than we did on emails.
Joe treated us to Bubba Gump. Coffee bean on marie.
Two other guys weren’t able to make it. Sayang.

Late at night, I took a taxi all the way to caloocan.
Hava family outing thingy in Bulacan the next day.

It was an active weekend.

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